30-Minute Critique Sessions

with Whitney M. Hall

Feeling stuck, want advice, or just need another set of eyes?

Schedule a zoom critique session of up to 30 minutes and I'll help you get unstuck! (See below for more details.)

Right now sessions are available at a special introductory price of $35.

Enter your email to claim your spot!
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How it Works:

Once you sign up, you'll get an email from me confirming your session, and we'll get a time scheduled. Then, you send me the image(s) you'd like critiqued (up to 3) as well as quick description of your problem, and I'll go over them before we meet.

This way I can help you come up with a strategy, and in our meeting I can really work with you on solving your problem. Depending on the needs of the piece, I might also do a quick demonstration of possible solutions. I'll also hear from you in more detail about where you're stuck, and can give you some targeted advice and tips.

You'll get a recording of our session so you can review it any time you want!

What if My Problem Isn't a Painting?

If you're stuck on a technique, part of your process, or just need some targeted advice for a creative or art business problem, I can help with that too!

Once you get the confirmation email, just send me a detailed description of your problem and we'll go over it in detail when we meet for our targeted 30-minute session.

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall
(aka The Curious Painter)

I've been painting and teaching full-time for over 12 years!

My favorite thing is working with artists of all levels to find out what's blocking them in the studio, so they can be free to find more joy at the easel.

I am a lifelong learner and total art nerd!
I've tried almost every media there is, and have also painted a broad range of genres. I attended an atelier for figure drawing, have studied with California and Russian Impressionists and Colorists, painted plein aire in multiple states, studied animal and equine anatomy for 10+ years, and I'm not done being curious yet.

I've also run a successful art business and teaching business, and have experience with a broad range of technical stuff like Photoshop, Wordpress, Canva, Photography, and databases in multiple programs.

I would love to help you get unstuck and back to the fun part of art! If you have any questions about how critiques works or if it's a good fit for you, please email me.
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